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Heidi's Hide

Being closer to wildlife is the only way to observe behaviour, get to know individuals and in turn improve my skills, so over the last few days my very patient Dad and I built a hide from old materials around the farm.

As the deer rut was beginning it seemed the ideal time to put one in the field opposite us where deer often frequent. I wanted somewhere that would keep me hidden but also dry considering the likelihood of some great British weather!

We had a look around the barn for some offcuts that we could perhaps put together and ended up with a wooden transport box frame, a netted barn windbreaker and an old tarpaulin. Perfect!

Dad started putting the frame (which need some TLC) together making it a bit taller so I could sit comfortably within it. We then wrapped the windbreak around it which thankfully just about reached!

I know what your thinking, it's see through, you'll be spotted! This is where the tarpoulin comes in. We draped it over the roof and down the back creating a dark background which when we took it outside and I climbed in, made me invisable! Tah dah!

When in doubt, use a giant pencil!

So the hide was taken on the tractor to the field and placed in position.

And here it is!

Holes were cut for my camera lens and I left it for a few days for the wildlife to get used to. Hopefully over time it will blend in more with the surroundings.

I'm really excited to use it and fingers crossed will see some interesting and exciting wildlife.

Here's some of the Fallow Deer I have already spotted.

I will keep you posted on my work within the hide on my blog and in my newsletter which you can subscribe to via the website.

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