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Family photography come rain or shine!

I know I often write about my wildlife photography but I thought it was high time I shared some of my family and pet sessions within a blog, especially such a memorable one as this!

It’s not often that I get put off by weather but on this occasion I had to admit defeat.

I was commissioned by Polly to take some pictures of her family for her husband Dan's birthday. They wanted an outdoor session which is always my most favourite, I take great inspiration from the outdoors and I don’t think there is any place better for children than natures playground. They also had a new member of the family, a very waggly, Working Cocker Spaniel who was of course to be in the family photos too.

Polly chose a spot where they often walked, it had a beautiful open field and woodland, so it seemed a perfect place for a family photo session and had lots of space for the children to play and explore. I kept checking the weather report that week as we had just had the most terrible downpours the week before. I was assured by BBC weather and the Met Office reports (I needed a second opinion!) that it was clearing up and we were going to have a dry and bright weekend.

I met Polly and the family in the morning to go down to the woods as planned, we had a few shots in the field before hand, the sun was shining with some good cloud cover to diffuse the light, it was lovely. We were all eager to go down to the woods to see what we could find.

The children were playing, finding sticks and building dens and little Baxter the Cocker Spaniel was having a wonderful time exploring. Woodland can be very dark to photograph in, so we found some good spots which had a enough light for some shots. We started to walk a bit further when I felt a few drops of rain on my head, I looked up and thought it must be a small passing shower but it wasn’t long until the heavens truly opened. Even in the dense wood the rain was pouring, it was so heavy. We all stayed in good spirits and thought we would just sit it out for a bit, it will clear up soon.

It didn’t. We were soaked through. We all decided it was probably best to head back home and get dry. The children could then have something to eat and recharge. I suggested that if they were ok with it we could try again in the afternoon as the weather looked like it would clear up by then. Thankfully all were keen to give it another shot, so after some lunch and a new set of clothes we returned to the field where we got some fantastic images and had lots of fun.

I really love to capture moments of fun within families as well as portraits. As I went through and edited the images I was smiling at every single one. What a lovely family with such a close bond and full of energy. I had loved every minute of this shoot and the fact that they were all such good sports in not letting the weather get in the way of some new images of their family, just added to the whole feeling. Baxter was an absolute star and behaved impecibly infront of the camera, despite being so wet and soggy earlier on.

Huge thank you to Polly and her family for being so brilliant despite our typical British weather!

Being outdoors with families is something I always look forward to. It’s where I want to be and I’m so glad so many of my clients also want to be out, enjoying nature together.

It also gives so many opportunities for families, it’s the best backdrop you could wish for.

We captured such a brilliant variety of images. I always like my sessions to be full and tell a story, that’s why you will always see a varied selection of natural shots that really show the beauty of your family.

If you would like to have a photography session with your family please get in touch via the website or by email,  I would love to hear from you. You can find information about my sessions here


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